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H.C. Wainwright 1st Annual Investor Virtual Conference on Bacteriophage
Telum Therapeutics presents at the H.C. Wainwright 1st Annual Investor VirtualConference on Bacteriophage

Telum Therapeutics presents at the H.C. Wainwright 1st Annual Investor Virtual
Conference on Bacteriophage

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Founded in 1868, H.C. Wainwright & Co. is one of the US oldest and most trusted financial institutions. Committed to linking public and private growth companies with potential investors, H.C. Wainwright & Co runs a series of events to foster networking among both parties. One of them, the 1st Annual H.C. Wainwright Bacteriophage Virtual Investor Conference, took place on November 30, and Telum Therapeutics didn’t miss out!

«Antimicrobial technologies have caught the interest of Governments, NIH, FDA, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, patient advocates and non-profit funding agencies, as potential treatments of human and animal bacterial infections, or modifiers of microbiomes», explains Chad Euler, Chief Scientific Officer at Telum Therapeutics. «Therefore, Joseph Pantginis, Managing Director of Equity Research at H.C. Wainwright & Co, organized the meeting with the aim to begin to introduce bacteriophage-based therapeutics to investors».

Euler presented Telum Therapeutics, its science and novel technology, as well as the lead candidate molecules in the company’s portfolio to potential investors. «My meeting agenda was to make new connections with investors and other biotechnology companies that lead to further discussions and collaborations». The seeds are sown, now it is time to wait for them to bloom. «We look forward to hearing from an investor who would like to know more about the company».

Overall, it was a great conference with high-quality presentations by all participants, which highlighted the importance of alternatives to classic antibiotics and the strength of bacteriophage and bacteriophage-based antimicrobials. «We learned that the next two years will be very exciting as all of our products begin to be tested in humans and used to treat patients», declares Euler.

Apart from networking opportunities, the meeting featured interesting keynotes and fruitful discussion panels. «The keynote presentation, by Robert T. Schooley, Co-Director of the Center for Innovative Phage Applications at the University of California, was enlightening, and I learned a great deal listening to the panel on the Road Forward: CMC/Regulatory Discussion», points Euler. «I myself participated on a great discussion panel on alternative approaches to antibiotics and the importance of targeted antimicrobials, as well as our novel approaches to cure bacterial infections or manipulate the microbiome. Timothy Lu, Associate Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT, did an excellent job moderating my speaking time, as well as that of Alexander Sulakvelidze, President and Chief Executive Officer of Intralytix, Inc., and Xavier Duportet, Cofounder, CEO, and Chairman of Eligo Bioscience and my interventions».

From Telum Therapeutics, we hope the meeting will increase interest in our field among investors, and thank Joseph Pantginis for organizing the event and inviting us to participate.

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